Monday, March 3, 2008

New Apartment

Well I went to look at a new apartment yesterday. It's gorgeous. Overkill, really since I don't realistically need more than 2 bedrooms, one for an office and one to sleep in. This place has four, three upstairs and one in the basement. But I'm planning on making this more of a permanent home. I think my travelling these days will be confined to holidays rather than moving to work some place. I'm going to turn the one in the basement into a spare bedroom. My office and bedroom will be upstairs. The kitchen comes with almost everything: dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker, so I don't have to wash dishes any more. It's a sacrifice, but one I think I can make. It will be nice to have my own office. Right now I share my sister's and have a minuscule desk which barely holds my laptop and printer. I need space enough to put my papers and research books down since when I'm writing a new book (especially this one) I do more reading and jotting notes than I do writing. Besides, I need a place to do my crosswords!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Starting a new book

Starting a new book is always fraught with more questions than answers. My current work in progress is the fourth book in the Chris and David mystery series and is leaning toward being more of a police procedural than even L.A. Heat was. Without divulging any details Homicide Detective David Eric Laine is drawn into a world of human trafficking and murder, while his lover, Christopher Bellamere finds himself taking on a job that is much more than it seems on the surface.

Book two of the series is currently at a publisher, no word yet. Book three needs one final polish to make it ready for the world (in the form of my agent) to see. At this point I have to give a tremendous thanks to the online writer's critique group, NovelPro for their help in getting me through a major revision in record time. You rock, guys.