Monday, March 3, 2008

New Apartment

Well I went to look at a new apartment yesterday. It's gorgeous. Overkill, really since I don't realistically need more than 2 bedrooms, one for an office and one to sleep in. This place has four, three upstairs and one in the basement. But I'm planning on making this more of a permanent home. I think my travelling these days will be confined to holidays rather than moving to work some place. I'm going to turn the one in the basement into a spare bedroom. My office and bedroom will be upstairs. The kitchen comes with almost everything: dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker, so I don't have to wash dishes any more. It's a sacrifice, but one I think I can make. It will be nice to have my own office. Right now I share my sister's and have a minuscule desk which barely holds my laptop and printer. I need space enough to put my papers and research books down since when I'm writing a new book (especially this one) I do more reading and jotting notes than I do writing. Besides, I need a place to do my crosswords!

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